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Meet the Roots

Roots Seychelles is a textile and lifestyle brand based

in Seychelles!

Founded and owned by Ras Tony and Sista

Stephannie, the company quickly expanded to

include illustrated maps, natural healing products and

local craftwork created by Seychellois artisans.



Inspired by the traditional Kreol techniques used by their ancestors, they are

passionate about preserving the rich history of Seychelles and its old age 

customs and traditions. They use the nature to promote the benefits of local

plants for healing as well as for creating sustainable products.  Just as their

island descendants did, they use the sun as a vital resource for drying their spices such as cinnamon, coffee, cacao, fragrant plants, coconut as well as all of their printed fabrics. 


Map illustrator extraordinaire Sista Stephannie has been traveling and drawing maps of her journeys for almost 30 years. She founded the first site on the internet to offer hand drawn maps and these days she focuses on locations in Seychelles and surrounding areas. As a créatrice for Roots Seychelles, she has expanded her skills to include screen printing her illustrated maps on textiles, bags and beachwear.




Roots Seychelles is very careful about protecting their fragile environment and take their responsibility very seriously. All of their products are locally sourced, and they work closely with the local community to enrich their standard of living by employing local artists, practicing fair trade and encouraging positive innovation.


With a love for the earth and their little island, they are devoted to recycling, reusing and repurposing as much as possible with minimal waste in their studio environment as well as their products. They also extend this philosophy into their every day lives.

Read their interview

with Today in Seychelles here!

Papa played the bombe, a string instrument made with the local gourd and coconut shell
Mama Lucie and Papa Frer our ancestors and inspiration for the Roots

Tony's ancestors and inspiration for the Roots.  Mama Lucie and Papa Pti Frer were the sound of the Mascarene Islands folklore music of the Seychelles.


Mama was a singer and Papa played the bombe, a handmade string instrument made with the local gourd and coconut shell.  

Listen here! ↓

Folkloriq Music of SeychellesMama Lucie & Pti Frer
Folkloriq Music of SeychellesMama Lucie & Pti Frer
Folkloriq Music of SeychellesMama Lucie & Pti Frer
This is Ras Tony a Rasta from Seychelles
Ras Tony
This is Sista Stephannie, an American artist in Seychelles
Sista Stephannie

Dreamer, Thinker, Healer

Tony is an island man who grew up on the beach and has a love for the sea. His never ending creative talents include writing, drawing, poetry, music, and he is an expert at the 3 r's-recycling, reusing and repurposing. He speaks 3 languages, and he has a passion for nature and its healing properties.

Illustratrice, Designer, Creator


This is Sista Stephannie! She is a free spirit world class illustrator who studied at Parsons School of Design and set up her studios in New York City and San Francisco. She loves animals, painting and Tony's Kreol cooking. Her true love is African textiles and design, a passion she developed on her first trip to Morocco 20 years ago. 

All Roots Seychelles products

are proudly handmade in Seychelles! 

This is a bombe, a string instrument made from local gourds and coconut shell from Seychelles
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